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Bramley Apple Tart

The days are getting colder and darker but autumn fruits are ripening including the lovely Bramley Apples from the Orchard County of Armagh.

The trees are laden with pears, apples of all varieties and plums, not to mention quince and medlars which make wonderful amber hued jellies.

And the crab apples, of course, I have a lovely deep red variety growing (don’t ask me which) that makes a really stunning jelly in colour and flavour.

Armagh Bramley Apples

I’m from the orchard county of Armagh so for me, one of the best ways to make the most of the Bramley Apples is a simple but delicious traditional apple tart with a melt in the mouth pastry contrasting with the sharpness of the apples. This is my recipe. Tried and tested for many years.

Armagh Bramley Apples are the best for tarts owing to their softness as they cook, definitely no need to precook! Much better to slice the apples in raw.

Apple Orchard Cooking Experience

Join me at my Cookery School in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland on a Bramley Apple Baking & Orchard Visit experience. This unique immersive experience focuses on the wonderful Bramley apples of County Armagh.

You’ll visit a local orchard to chat with the owner Des Mackle, about the apples, his family business, the history and heritage, and then continue to the cookery school which is a 5-minute drive away for tea, coffee and scones.



Lovely day at Wee Buns Cookery School with my daughter on the Jam making day. We both really enjoyed the class and learnt a lot from Mary-Ann. Would recommend as a fantastic and tasty way to spend a few hours plus we got to take home lots of jam.

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