I’ve loved Carrot Cake for as long as I can remember and this recipe I first developed when I had a stall at St. George’s market. It is one I have tweaked many times over the past 20 years and for me it cannot be bettered. It is dense with fruit and nuts but at the same time wonderfully light and for something less decadent you can bake it in a loaf tin and leave it without any icing.

You can adjust it as you like. If you don’t have coconut no problem just leave it out, likewise the nuts and the fruit. I often use pecans but walnuts are more traditional and equally delicious.

I make it using a food mixer with the whisk attachment. But you can use an electric hand whisk or just a hand whisk. Likewise for the cream cheese icing, I use the paddle attachment to beat the mixture together but a whisk will work just as well.