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Chicken Soup for the Soul

traditional chicken soup recipe

I don’t often make chicken soup but while recovering from the flu recently it was the only thing I really felt like eating. There are many health benefits to chicken soup as it is packed full of essential fatty acids and protein. And for me, it is always the recipe I turn to when one of the family is feeling under the weather.

And my boys love it. Aside from the chicken the main ingredients are celery, leeks and lots of freshly chopped parsley and soup mix of course, Soup mix is a mixture of dried grains and pulses, mainly barley and red lentils. It is widely available here in local shops but you could easily make your own mix or just add some dried red and green lentils.

Chicken Soup – the Northern Irish Way

This is my mother’s chicken soup recipe, she served it in the traditional Irish way with a big pan of boiled potatoes (she favours Maris Piper) which we then added to the soup along with some of the cooked chicken.

It’s worth looking out for soup celery (see below) which looks like a thinner version of celery but has a lovely celery flavour, be sure to use all of the leaves too. I was lucky to get some from the veg man who comes to Moy on a Saturday morning, along with lovely local fresh leeks and carrots.

Soup Veg

It does require a fair bit of chopping this soup, I would set aside an hour for sure, but it does make a sizeable quantity and tastes even better the next day when no effort is required.

For more soup recipes check out the recipe section on my website where you’ll find lots of seasonal soups including my popular immune boosting spring green soup.



The twins loved their cooking course and as you see their skills came out useful making their own cakes and fairy cakes for their birthday!


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