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What’s in Season In February

February is a great time for new fruit and vegetables coming to market.

I love to eat the seasons and I look forward to seeing what’s in new to add to my cooking baking recipes.

If you’re interested in eating seasonally, I have a number of cooking and baking classes that celebrate all that’s good throughout the year.

I have ambitious plans for beds of riotous colour this year. Time permitting!

Seasonal Foods to Cook with this February

On the food front, the first of the lovely forced rhubarb is in the shops now and the homegrown garden variety should be appearing very soon. I love rhubarb and only really use it at this time of the year for a few short months.


spring baking

After that, I find it gets a bit tough and by then the strawberries are ready anyway and I’m ready to move on. Rhubarb is great for crumbles – one of the easiest ways to bake it – the classic rhubarb tart of course, also great for ice cream, sorbet and scones a particular favourite and one that features often in my baking classes.

The first of the purple sprouting broccoli is also ready now and is absolutely delicious simply boiled in salted water until just tender and served with a generous glug of really good olive oil.


Pink grapefruit & Pomegranate

Pomegranates are still around although coming to an end now. I was lucky to see these growing for the first time in Sicily a few years ago. I use the seeds sprinkled on yoghurt and also in a really great winter Pomegranate salad with fennel, apple and carrot.

Fennel & Pomegranate Salad

Seasonal Cooking Classes

At Wee Buns Cookery School in County Tyrone, N.Ireland, we are passionate about cooking with the seasons and run a number of seasonal cooking and baking classes from Autumnal Baking classes to Easter Baking and Christmas Cooking Classes. Find out more on the classes section of the website.



Mary Ann was a joy to watch in the kitchen as she demonstrated another tasty Lemon and Raspberry layer cake complete with Swiss Meringue icing, it was beautiful and one I think I might even attempt myself.

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