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Pancake Tuesday – 3 Recipes

My mother always made pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. We loved her Scotch Pancakes, crépes which we filled with butter, sugar and lemon, and her Crépes Suzette that she would flambé at the table.

The following recipes have been handed down to me by my mother and we love making them together to this day.

Crépes Suzette

Pancake Mix Crepes Suzette

Crépes Suzette are decadent and delicious with a rich buttery, orange flavoured sauce with Grand Marnier or Cointreau which you can flambé at the table.

There are a multitude of recipes and fillings for pancakes now, but I like to stick with keeping it simple and just make the crépes and have mine with butter and lemon and no sugar, they don’t really need it.

Scotch Pancakes

Scotch Pancakes

The Scotch Pancakes are also delicious with some mashed banana in the batter and a little bit of cinnamon or you can drop some fresh blueberries on top while cooking.



Thanks so so much Mary Anne for today!! I had such an awesome time and your knowledge just reignited a passion for cooking again deep within me!!

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