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Adult & Child Baking

Class Details


3 Hour(s)


£65 per person

Adult & Child Baking

A fun baking class for an adult and child to bake some classic recipes together.

Learn the skills and techniques to last a lifetime.

Class Recipes

  • Chocolate Layer Cake filled and decorated with chocolate buttercream
  • Fairy Cakes decorated with glacé icing and sprinkles
  • Buttermilk Scones

Learn the techniques and pick up useful tips to make the most delicious sponge cakes, light as a feather Fairy Cakes and buttermilk scones.

Each adult and child will make between them from scratch a Chocolate Cake and the  Chocolate Ganache Buttercream to fill and decorate the cake . And the Buttermilk Scones. The fairy cakes are demonstration only.

Suitable for children age 6 upwards.

The price is £65 for each adult and £65 for each child. Please book 2 places at a time.

fairy cakes

Please Note: This class is suitable for all levels of experience. For more information on our booking policy, please read our full Terms & Conditions.


The twins loved their cooking course and as you see their skills came out useful making their own cakes and fairy cakes for their birthday!