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Bramley Apple Orchard Bathing & Mindful Baking

Spring is a wonderful time to visit Northern Ireland and experience the Bramley Apple blossom in County Armagh.

Join us for this unique immersive experience focusing on the wonderful Bramley apples of County Armagh in a beautiful hilltop orchard.

  • The Bramley apples of County Armagh have coveted PGI status which highlights regional and traditional foods.
  • Visit a local orchard in Collegeland, County Armagh and immerse yourself in some Orchard Bathing with Forest Therapy Practitioner Ann Ward of Xhale.
  • Then over to the cookery school where you will don your aprons, get baking and learn the secrets of traditional Irish baking using the Bramley apples.
  • This experience will begin at the orchard and then continue at the cookery school which is a 5-minute drive away.


Class Details


Half Day


£95 per person

Bramley Apple Baking & Orchard Bathing Experience

Join Ann Ward from Xhale and Mary Anne for this unique Apple Blossom experience.

Celebrate the beautiful Bramley Apple Blossom and immerse yourself in nature with Orchard Bathing at Rose’s Orchard in Co.Armagh, N.Ireland.

Followed by a baking class at Wee Buns Cookery School with an introduction to mindfulness from Ann.

We will celebrate the Bramley Apple blossom through this nurturing orchard immersion. Enjoy a mindful walk through the orchard with Ann and reconnect with the natural world and the seasons.

Forest Therapy Practitioner, Ann from Xhale will guide a mindful walk through the orchard.  Ann will support you to deepen your awareness of nature and the present moment using your natural resources of the breath, body and senses.

Through the practise of ‘orchard-bathing’, you will  rest, reconnect and re-energise.  Then it’s over to the cookery school for refreshments and some hands-on Irish Baking.

Class Recipes

  • Potato Apple Bread, a traditional County Armagh recipe
  • Fruit Soda Bread
  • Buttermilk Scones

The experience begins at 9.30 am at the Orchard which is 5 minutes drive from the cookery school on the Armagh side of Moy in Collegeland Co. Armagh.

The orchard bathing experience will last approximately  1 1/2 – 2 hours and participants will then make their own way over to the cookery school for the class to begin straight after the orchard tour.

After tea, coffee and scones fresh from the oven the class begins with an introduction from Ann who will explain how mindful baking can support stress management and holistic health.  Through guided mindfulness meditations, she will enable guests to connect to the present moment during these sensory activities.

Then Mary Anne will follow with a demonstration of the recipes after which you will be rolling up your sleeves for some hands-on baking.

We bake from scratch using the best local ingredients and use a traditional griddle for the Potato Apple Bread.

You will make your own Buttermilk Scones and will have these to take home.

We will provide a light and delicious homemade lunch to be enjoyed at the end of the baking.

apple blossom bramley apple orchard bathing experience

apple blossom tour

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Bramley Apple Blossom. Orchard bathing and baking experience


Please Note: This class is suitable for all levels of experience. For more information on our booking policy, please read our full Terms & Conditions.


Friday morning’s class was very enjoyable. The visit to your local orchard really set the scene! Michelle and her husband gave us a great insight into life in the orchard! It was lovely to meet them and learn about the upcoming apple harvest.

As always your class was an inspiration; I always enjoy your demos.

Well done and thank you!

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