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Traditional Spanish Cooking

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3 Hour(s)


£75 per person

Discover Traditional Spanish Cooking with Spanish native and experienced home cook, Manuel Salto Tellez.

Manuel who is a medical doctor and married to Mary Anne, was born in Madrid and grew up in the north of Spain.

Manuel’s cooking is influenced by traditional family recipes. The family are from the beautiful Andalusia region in the south of Spain where they still live and where we visit often.

The dishes Manuel will be making will represent a little journey across Spain, and will include (among others):

Gazpacho, a cold, tomato-based soup, probably originating in Andalusia; a must in Spain hot summer days but enjoyable all year long. Today we follow a slightly more elaborated recipe from the original peasant way, blending a collection of vegetables with a delicious (and very healthy) result.

Every household in Spain has its own version of a “family rice”, loosely called paella (which, in itself, is a very specific type of rice dish from the area of Valencia). Here I’ll show you my own version, very much inspired in my mother’s original recipe, which will include a mixture of meats and seafood (even suitable for those who are not strong seafood eaters).

Some of you may have taken the Camino de Santiago, finishing in Santiago de Compostela, the jewel of Galicia. If you have you may have enjoyed the Tarta de Santiago, a moist tart with tasty almond and citrous flavours.

Mary Anne and I look forward to seeing you in Wee Buns for this Spanish experience.

This is a demonstration only cooking class in which you can sit back and relax, learn about the traditioanl Spanish cuisine and enjoy tasting all of the dishes.

Manuel Salto Tellez

Spanish cooking

Please Note: This class is suitable for all levels of experience. For more information on our booking policy, please read our full Terms & Conditions.