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Cakes E Book


My favourite classic Cake recipes. Delicious Cake recipes and lots of useful tips.



Baking Classics 1

Learn to bake some of the classics; including your own gorgeous wee buns and light-as-a-feather scones in this fun and action-packed class.


Traditional Irish Baking Cover

Traditional Irish Recipes

From the classic Soda bread to Potato Apple bread, a County Armagh speciality, these are the recipes passed down through the generations of women in my family.


Soda Bread

Traditional Irish Baking 1

Celebrate some of the traditional Irish baking handed down by generations of women.


Bramley Apple Orchard

Bramley Apple Baking & Orchard Visit

Orchard visit and Hands-on class focusing on the wonderful Bramley apples of Co Armagh.


Childrens Classics

Children’s Baking Classics

Budding bakers can get stuck in and have a go at some baking in this fun hands-on class.


Adult & Child 1

Adult & Child Baking 1

Make colourful fairy cakes and delicious buttermilk scones in this fun hands-on class.



Autumnal Baking 1

Learn how to make superb sticky gingerbread and more Autumnal treats.


Sourdough Bread and Flowers

Bread Baking

It’s all about bread in this hands-on class; from the traditional soda bread of Ireland to the wonder of sourdough.