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What’s In Season In September

The days are distinctly shorter and colder now with autumn just around the corner but September is a bountiful month.

It’s a perfect time of year for foraging here in Northern Ireland. The hedges are abundant with juicy blackberries, delicious just to eat and high in Vitamin C, they also make a lovely Bramble Jelly or Apple & Blackberry Crumble.

The damsons are almost ripe and I shall be using these to make jam in my upcoming Preserve Autumn class.  They’re great for ice cream too.

The elderberries which are formed from the white lacy flowers which appeared in May are turning into dark purple berries and are renowned for making a linctus to ward off winter viruses and boost the immune system. Rosehips too (renowned for being high in vitamin C) can be used to make a syrup which is great to have on standby. My mother always made her own.

Mushrooms of course are starting to come into season. I see lots growing along the hedges, huge puffballs.

Fine green beans are still available for a short while and great in a minestrone soup along with some homemade pesto. Courgettes are still lovely, beetroot, carrots, garlic to mention a few.

Apple Harvest

But the fruit of the month has to be the apples. Grenadiers are ready and the Bramley harvest will begin this year in Rose;’s orchard in the second week of September.  You can visit and see the apples for yourself in my Orchard Baking & Vist experience. In which you have a tour of the orchard and learn about the renowned Bramley apples of County Armagh which have PGI status (protected Geographical Indication) and then join me at the cookery school to experience some of our traditional recipes from County Armagh, not least Potato Apple Bread, and have a go at making your own soda bread.

Learn more about the Orchard Visit & Baking Experience here

Crab apples too (as seen in the top picture with my boys picking them ) are ready and make a delicious red jelly which is lovely served with bread and cheese. The pears too will be ready for picking and I will be using a selection of these lovely local fruits in my Autumnal Baking & Desserts Class.



The twins loved their cooking course and as you see their skills came out useful making their own cakes and fairy cakes for their birthday!


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